Job Type: Engineer

Job Description:

Job Title: Project Engineer (Geotechnical Engineer)

City: Orlando
State: FL

For Geotechnical Engineering projects perform all the following duties:

1. Summarize, evaluate, and present field and laboratory data using computer worksheet programs including gINT, Microsoft Excel and Sigma Plot; 
2. Perform geotechnical engineering analyses applicable to by-product disposal sites, including geotechnical characterization and selection of soil engineering properties, applying geotechnical engineering techniques, procedures and criteria, using computer software including SEEP/W for seepage analyses, SLOPE/W for stability analyses, MODFLOW for groundwater flow analyses, MT3D for contaminant transport analyses;
3. Perform bearing capacity calculations, settlement estimations, liquefaction potential assessment, and seismic site classification applicable to foundation design of building structures;
4. Perform seismic displacement analyses and seismic site response analyses applicable to by-product disposal sites;
5. Perform monthly water balance calculations and analyze results for by-product disposal sites;
6. Plan, coordinate and supervise with field personnel to perform subsurface exploration, field tests including micro-seismic testing, and construction quality assurance inspection and testing; 
7. Plan and coordinate geotechnical laboratory testing of soils as well as geosynthetic materials (including HDPE geonets, HDPE geomembranes, and geotextiles), and water samples;
8. Prepare engineering reports summarizing field and laboratory data, engineering analyses, and construction quality assurance data applicable to geotechnical engineering projects, including by-product disposal sites under the guidance of senior engineers;
9. Research and review information and data for geotechnical engineering projects, including by-product disposal sites;
10. Develop and review construction drawings using AutoCAD software, as needed for senior engineering review;
11. Assist senior engineers with project management and business development, including, preparing proposals, budget estimates and construction schedules;
12. Present technical results and reports;

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT:  Requires a Master's degree in Civil Engineering with a major/concentration in Geotechnical Engineering (defined as completion of Thesis and 15 credits of coursework in Geotechnical Engineering) + six (6) months experience as a Research Assistant or any other job title responsible for:

a) Formulating research hypotheses regarding industry-related geotechnical engineering topics and implementing a research methodology for short-term (minimum 1 year duration) research projects;
b) Conducting seismic hazard assessment using USGS tools; seismic site classification; equivalent linear and non-linear seismic site response analysis using computer programs including SHAKE2000 and D-MOD2000; 
c) Applying geostatistics concepts to produce ground response spectra, acceleration time-histories, and site amplification factors applicable to geotechnical engineering design; 
d) Analyzing seismic site response simulations for various soil/rock conditions, generating relationships between amplification factors and soil/rock stiffness, thickness and depth to bedrock; presenting the research outcome in a comprehensive report.
e) Assisting in the academic duties of a geotechnical engineering course related to the stability of earth slopes and finite element modeling applied to foundation design, tunneling and excavations requiring the use of PLAXIS;
f) Preparing design drawings, quantities of earthwork, and slope stability analyses. 

Experience can be pre or post degree.

JOB TIME: Full Time


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