Job Type: Engineer

Job Description:

Job Title: Geotechnical Engineer

City: Port St. Lucie
State: FL


Geotechnical Engineering Projects:

Plan/coordinate subsurface exploration programs, field tests, and construction quality assurance activities. 
Perform geotechnical engineering analyses manually or using software, including characterization and selection of soil engineering properties, applying geotechnical engineering principles, procedures and criteria for consolidation, earth pressures, field exploration techniques, laboratory testing and data interpretation. 
Perform stability and seepage analyses of earthen embankment, dams and slopes using SLOPE/W and SEEP/W. 
Develop geotechnical recommendations for the design and construction of earthen dams founded on a variety of subsurface conditions. Assess suitability of fill materials for construction, based on laboratory data and geotechnical principles and criteria; 
Analyze/design and provide geotechnical recommendations for earth retaining structures, shallow and deep foundations, wetland restorations, and stormwater management facilities;
Analyze geotechnical aspects of landfills, including construction and demolition waste landfills;
Plan/monitor geo-instrumentation including inclinometers, slug tests and automated piezometers.
Plan/coordinate geotechnical laboratory testing of soil for classification, strength, permeability and consolidation.
Summarize, evaluate, and present field and laboratory data using gINT and Excel.
Draft geotechnical engineering reports with field and laboratory data, engineering analyses, and construction quality assurance data under supervision of senior engineer.
Analyze deep foundation using FDOT software (FB-Deep and LPILE).
Conduct settlement analysis using SETTLE-3D.
Monitoring and inspecting construction of driven and helical pile foundations and supervising static and dynamic load testing
Monitor construction of shallow and deep foundations including driven piles, auger cast piles and drilled shafts for residential and commercial buildings.
Conduct pavement evaluation survey and provide options for remediation.
Develop/review construction drawings using AutoCAD and Geosystem software for senior engineering review.
Assist senior engineers with project management and business development, preparing proposals, budget estimates and construction schedules. 
Present technical results and reports verbally and in writing.

For Environmental Engineering Projects:

Writing Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessment reports
Conducting Phase I site reconnaissance to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions
Tank Closure Assessment Reports
FDEP project experience including Site Assessment Reports per FAC 62-780

For Construction Materials Testing and Inspection Projects:

Experience with managing daily work schedule for field testing technicians
Pile driving inspection and vibration monitoring experience
Turbidity testing for beach renourishment and other related FDEP projects
Pre and Post Construction Video Surveys
Reviewing concrete compressive strength test reports

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT: Requires a Master's degree in Civil Engineering with a major/concentration in Geotechnical Engineering (defined as completion of a 6-credit thesis and 18 credits of coursework related to Geotechnical Engineering).  The Master’s degree must contain coursework that includes emphasis on:
Subsurface exploration, seepage and slope stability principles 
Analysis and design of earth retaining structures, and shallow and deep foundations
Theoretical and experimental soil mechanics, geotechnical aspects of landfills and waste management, consolidation, and earth pressures
Field exploration techniques, laboratory testing and data interpretation
Basic Project Management and equipment, methods & techniques used in construction site
Pavement Analyses and Design


Six (6) months of experience in the job offered or six (6) months of experience in the Related Occupation of Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant responsible for:

Researching the design and construction standards for municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills;
Investigating various types and uses of geogrids, and implementing them in the landfills;
Using Finite Element Method (FEM) software (ANSYS) to run the slope stability incorporating the hurricane/wind loads;
Performing slope stability analyses using the software like GEO-SLOPE (SLOPE-W) for reinforced and unreinforced conditions;
Researching and analyzing the effect of biodegradation in the slope stability for the municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills;
Investigating the use of various non-destructive testing methods used for the integrity testing of concrete drilled shaft foundations in United States;
Using L-PILE to investigate the lateral capacity of the drilled shafts;
Conducting numerical analysis using Finite Element Modeling software (ANSYS) to develop epoxy grout test methods and pour back guidance to eliminate thermal shrinkage cracking at anchorages of post-tensioned concrete bridges.
Analyzing laboratory testing results, generating relevant charts, and presenting the data and progress results to supervisors using AutoCAD, MS Word, Excel, etc.

Experience can be pre or post degree.

JOB TIME: Full Time



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