Job Type: Engineer

Job Description:

Job Title: Assistant Project Engineer (Geotechnical)

City: Orlando
State: FL


Summarize, evaluate, and present field and laboratory data using computer worksheet programs, including gINT, Microsoft Excel and Sigma Plot;
Perform geotechnical engineering analyses applicable to by-product disposal sites, including geotechnical characterization and selection of soil engineering properties, applying geotechnical engineering techniques, procedures and criteria, using computer software including SEEP/W for seepage analyses, SLOPE/W and UTEXAS for stability analyses; conducting consolidation analyses of clays subject to ramp loading and deriving undrained shear strength profiles based on stress history evaluation and analysis of laboratory direct simple shear testing, implementing the SHANSEP methodology.
Design soil-bentonite barrier systems for by-product waste disposal sites for different soil and groundwater conditions;
Develop designs and perform numerical analyses for earthen dams founded on a variety of subsurface conditions, including soft clays. Assess suitability of fill materials for embankments and by-product disposal dams construction, based on laboratory data and general geotechnical principles and criteria;
Draft geotechnical engineering reports summarizing field and laboratory data, engineering analyses, and construction quality assurance data applicable to geotechnical engineering projects, including by-product disposal sites, as needed for senior engineering review.
Research and review information and data for geotechnical engineering projects, including by¬product disposal sites;
Develop and review construction drawings using AutoCAD software, as needed for senior engineering review;
Develop and implement technical specifications for geotechnical engineering projects, including by-product disposal sites;
Plan and coordinate field personnel to perform subsurface exploration programs, field tests and construction quality assurance activities related to geotechnical engineering projects;
Plan and coordinate geotechnical laboratory testing of soils as well as geosynthetic materials (including HDPE geonets, HDPE geomembranes, and geotextiles), and water samples;
Assist senior staff in preparing project proposals, budget estimates and construction schedules;
Present technical results and reports verbally and in writing.
Perform all of the foregoing for Geotechnical Engineering projects.

Requires a Master's degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Geotechnics (including completion of either Master's Thesis or final year project in Geotechnics with emphasis in hazardous waste disposal practices), and six (6) months experience in the job offered.  The Master’s degree must contain a Concentration in coursework that includes emphasis on

a) Seepage and slope stability principles and their application to the analyses and construction of earthen embankment dams founded on various subsoil conditions (with particular emphasis on stiff and soft clay behavior); consolidation; foundations; earth pressures, field exploration techniques; laboratory testing and data interpretation; engineering geomorphology; and advanced soil behavior and constitutive modelling;  
b) Formulating research hypotheses regarding industry-related geotechnical engineering topics;
c) Implementing research methodologies for projects involving the disposal of hazardous waste;
d) Preparing and presenting progress results for supervisors;
e) Researching industry standards and practices for the disposal of environmentally hazardous waste;
f) Assessing suitability of various barrier systems including bentonite-based barriers for environmentally hazardous waste disposal systems.

This Concentration may be substituted for the six (6) months experience requirement.

JOB TIME: Full Time




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