Why Is Tidiness Important On The Job Site?

Tidiness is one of the foundation stones of safety and good environmental practice. Many accidents are caused through people tripping, slipping and falling over materials and equipment which should not have been left lying around. A great deal of environmental problems could be avoided if materials were disposed of properly instead of being allowed to escape into the surrounding area.

This is an area where everyone on site can make a significant contribution to safety and the environment, merely by applying common sense.

Do not leave trash lying about - clean up as you go.

Ensure all waste is disposed of in the correct bin.

Do not obstruct gangways, aisles or stairways with tools or materials.

Make sure that spilled oil, grease or liquids are cleaned up from floors and the contaminated clean up material is disposed of in the correct bin.

Gather up all off-cuts of timber, reinforcing bars, and any other material, and dispose of in the correct bin.

When clearing up, make sure the garbage disposal point is in a safe position and all waste containers are clearly marked for their contents.

Position all cables and hoses out of the way.  Where possible do not lay them across a pedestrian walkway

Look out for sparks and hot slag falling from welding, cutting and other hot work.

Dispose of oily rags in metal containers.

An accumulation of waste material provides a good starting point for fire.  Do not let it happen.

Ensure the waste disposal area is kept tidy and containers are removed in adequate time to prevent spillage.

Throughout this talk we have seen that proper waste disposal is an integral part of good housekeeping.  Not only does this improve site tidiness but it also improves safety and reduces the likelihood of pollution occurring and of individuals being fined.

                                                                             A tidy site is safe and efficient.

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