Safety Meetings & You: Your Safety Role

Along with doing quality work, safety on the job is also your top priority. That’s why we hold regular safety meetings.

Whether you’re a new employee or a seasoned pro, safety meetings provide a quick and straightforward way for us to communicate with you on how you can do your job safely. 

More importantly, safety meetings also allow everyone an opportunity to relay safety and health concerns or improvement ideas to your supervisor. Often, some of the best safety ideas come from a very trusted source—you.
Your Safety Role

At safety meetings:
Be an active listener.  Even if the topic is something you are familiar with, safety is always changing. Don’t be tempted to tune out; you may learn something new, or be reminded about an important safety practice.  Also, be an active participant. If the meeting leader can draw on worker experiences, they can use that experience to remind all employees—especially newer ones—of potential dangers in the workplace. So, if it’s relevant, speak up!
Safety Topics

Topics discussed at safety meetings are presented because they are potential safety hazards. If you encounter workplace hazards that you’d like to discuss, suggest them to your supervisor.  Reviewing a Job Safety Analysis for the work task being completed for that day is a great resource to ensure everyone is on the same page.  

Safety First

We all need to do our part to promote safety, and safety meetings are an important part of our total safety program.  According to OSHA, workers who suffer a disabling injury can lose 40 percent of their income over five years. And families can lose even more because of the increased stress and conflict associated with occupational injury and illness.

Participate in daily and monthly safety meetings to help us provide a safe and healthy work environment for years to come.

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