Ardaman Branch Administrators Meet in Orlando

On March 9th, Branch Administrators from Ardaman’s offices in Florida and Louisiana assembled at the Orlando headquarters for a day long training session to discuss their Accounting and Administrative duties.

The purpose of the meeting was to act as a refresher course, provide additional training relevant to specific topics, and to introduce new concepts impacting their jobs.

A wide range of topics were covered which included Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Billing and Cybersecurity issues. Pertinent Human Resources and Marketing matters were also discussed.

Ardaman is proud of the dedication of our Branch Administrators. One BA has been with Ardaman for more than 33 years and the average BA tenure is more than 13 years!

The meeting provided lively discussion with strong participation coming from many of the BA’s. Valuable information was shared by the Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources staff and the Branch Administrators themselves. Congratulations on a very informative training session and thanks to our Branch Administrators, the Accounting, HR and Marketing staff members for making this event a success.